DP / MOORED Construction & Accommodation

DP / MOORED Construction and Accommodation vessels

West African Ventures owns and operates a fleet of new multipurpose DP2 offshore construction and accommodation vessels, based on a hybrid design configuration.

Vessel Jascon 55 combine a Class 2 Dynamic Positioning System, large unobstructed deck, with high capacity cranes of 120 tonnes, with subsea capacity of 1800 meters, the ability to install flexible pipe, and large accommodation capacities of 150 passengers.

​All our vessels can be fitted with a hydraulic heave compensated gangway​ which, combined with the DP2 system, guarantees high connection times with production platforms, for 24 hours a day, under the most challe​nging conditions.

​These are the key features that allow the WAV DP2 fleet to operate in construction support, SURF​ and accommodation markets worldwide.​​