Your Nigerian Partner

Unique Position in Inland Nigeria

  • Operating in Nigeria since 1977
  • Significant local footprint in Nigeria
    • Successful work with local communities
    • Numerous employment opportunities for Nigerians
    • NCD company categorization AA
    • Vessels built in Nigeria categorized AAA
  • Large fleet of inland vessels operating in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria
  • The leading player in the inland market providing reliability, vessel quality and track record of safety
  • Key supporting infrastructure in Warri and Onne

As an indigenous company, we are geared towards enhancing and supporting the Board in achieving appreciable local content deliverables in the aspect of Human capacity development (Skill set gap closure), in-country presence and manpower targets.

Human Capacity Development

In the past years, WAV has been active in the development of in-country capabilities in line with her operations, having achieved over 85,000 man hours in collaboration with OGTAN registered Trainers in the following areas:

  • Welding
  • Offshore Crane Operations
  • Document Control
  • HSE
  • QAQC
  • Cost Control
  • Naval Architectural
  • DP certification

In-country Presence

The company operates a Fabrication yard in Onne and a Marine Base in Warri from where we exhibit capabilities in local manufacturing of fiber boats, other inland crafts and a dry dock facility. Also, the Onne yard delivers high level in-country fabrication services with locally trained Nigerian team.

Manpower Target

In terms of building local manpower, WAV has achieved over 85% of ‘’Nigerianization’’of positions previously occupied by expatriates.